The FRESITEC Freiberger Recycling and Silicon Technology GmbH has merged with the merger agreement of 12.02.2019 and the resolutions of the shareholders' meetings of both legal entities with the Loser Chemie GmbH with the seat in Freiberg (Amtsgericht Chemnitz HRB 21735).

We are your partner when it comes to the refining, reworking and recovering of silicon and other hard-brittle materials. Our employees have more than twenty years of expertise.

Crystallization of silicon, Silicon shaped parts, Mechanical treatment of silicon, Low abrasion crushing, Crushing of Silicon,

That you should know about us ...

  • We meet all environmental standards and, for example, completely purify  our used water.
  • Our employees are well trained and regularly participate in further education.
  • Our systems are cutting-edge and state of the art.
  • We understand ourselves in the long-standing tradition of silicon processing at the Freiberg location. Our headquarters are located in a former factory of SolarWorld AG.
  • Loser Chemie GmbH is an important part of LFFICIENCY Holding - a group of technology-oriented companies, which include for example Tesoma GmbH (Industrial dryers), MHM Machine Highest Mechatronic GmbH (Screen printing machines) or just Loser Chemie GmbH. To the LFFICIENCY Holding website